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Safe 'n' Snug

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Safe 'n' Snug

Baby Give Back changes the trajectory for mothers and their children and aims to break the cycle of poverty by providing families living in crisis with clean, safe, baby essentials. We buy new and collect, clean and safety-check donated baby essentials, which are then packaged to be recycled and rehomed to disadvantaged families. We partner with social service agencies to ensure our items go directly to families in need. Our volunteers create a package of donations to be rehomed with kindness and compassion, to help families living in crisis feel a sense of belonging, connection, social inclusion and dignity. We believe that every baby deserves a safe start to life regardless of their situation. This June, we have launched our Safe 'n' Snug campaign, where our goal was to raise enough funds to purchase 100 cots and mattresses. We are currently experiencing a real shortage of cot donations and have over 46 babies on the wait list for a cot and with winter on the horizon, it's crucial that we have stock available for families who are in need.

Expected Impact

$2000 from RECAN would be 20 new cots - this would be an incredible boost for our Safe 'n' Snug campaign and would mean that 20 babies would be sleeping safely. It would be 20% of our goal for June and would help with being well on the way to 100 cots, which would mean 100 babies will have somewhere safe to sleep. Without a cot from Baby Give Back, many of these babies wouldn't have anywhere safe to sleep. The impact of a cot for a family in crisis is beyond words. It keeps their baby safe and allows them to direct funds to other essential items.


$2,000 by 2020

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