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Drive with us to make an impact!

Earn extra cash while helping your local community recycle better

RECAN community driver?

Simply Pick-up RECAN bags from your neighbours and take them to the local depot

Community mindset


Do you have a heart to serve y our community? Be kind & responsible to each other.

Manage your schedule better


Each shift can be as short as two hours. Also, you don't need to drive far (within 10 - 15 km radius from where you live)

Maximise true earning


Each pick-up list will be provided in consideration of your location, size of car and availability. 



  • Queensland driver's license

  • Own or can access a van/trailer/truck to carry cans and bottles

  • Physically fit to handle reasonably heavy weight RECAN bags (Rarely but it can get as heavy as 20 kg, if the bag is full of glass bottles

  • Smart phone with data plan 

  • Clean crime history 

Expected Income

  • You don't need to compete with other drivers

  • You don't need to clean your car everyday You avoid the peak hours

  • You don't need to drive far from your home

  • We are aiming to provide competitive rate in between $22 - $28 per hour

  • Uber driver's real income? Find out

We are looking for drivers in Brisbane, Logan and Gold Coast area.

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