Recycle easy and focus on your business

Shops, Restaurants, Offices, Schools and more

Make your choice count

A better way to do business means including sustainability on the agenda. 

Higher refund

 Lower fixed rate of $3.5 per bag deduction. One of the best rate+reliable+efficient

Impact report

Receive credit + an impact report in your RECAN account within 24 hrs, donate to a local cause or redeem an online-gift voucher


A minimum of three RECAN bags are required when you book. Also, a minimum once a month pick-up is required.

What is RECAN bag?

Contamination Free


 One of the best ways to minimise contamination during collection is by having a dedicated RECAN bag or/and RECAN bin 80 

Easy & Convenient

High visibility and convenience.  RECAN bags or RECAN Bin 80 are both durable, light, fit-for-purpose.



RECAN bags ensure safety and correct handling for our community drivers while preventing potential mix-up at local depots

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