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Refund & Redeem

How much refund do I get back per bag?

RECAN bags are designed to carry more than 100 containers. Your containers will be counted and refunded in full after deduction of $5 credit of fixed service fee (which equals 50 containers) per bag. You can earn more credits by removing the lids, crushing the cans and plastic bottles. A fixed deduction of $5 per bag per collection.

  • 1 RECAN bag with 100 eligible containers = $5.00 credit
  • 1 RECAN bag with 185 eligible containers = $13.50 credit
  • 1 RECAN bag with 260 eligible containers = $21.00 credit
Please note that if you live in Zone 2 service area, minimum 2 RECAN bags are required prior to booking. (Check service area & zones) Credits are transferred within 24 hours of your pick-up. For high volume B2B customers (shops, apartments, events, schools and NGOs) special rate and customised service is available. ( More information)

How can I redeem the credits?

You can decide whether you want to help local cause-worthy projects or choose to redeem the RECAN credits to receive eGift Voucher (GiftPay). Local cause-worthy projects You can donate as little as $1 to each local project to support and encourage them. 100% of donation will be sent to project and project report will be issued for you to review. Be part of the chage without cash. eGift Voucher If you have more than $10 credits in your account, you can redeem and receive eGift Voucher with a few clicks. It can be used just like cash in more than 40 leading online/offline retailers. Please check the email that you have registered with RECAN. Please make sure to check all mail boxes including junk. Why not cash / bank trasfer? There are many benefits of using eGift Voucher over cash transaction. It is safe and easy as we don't keep your bank detail with all other inforamtion. Also, you can receive full value without transaction fee (It normally costs 85c per bank or payment transaction).

Is my personal information kept safely?

Yes, all personal information will be kept safely and will not be distributed to third parties without your agreement. For more information, please read our privacy policy.

How do I know that the donation was made correctly?

RECAN's partnership with charity is based on a commitment of 100% of the donation amount going straight into their account at the end of each month. Each project will provide an impact report once the desired funds are reached which will be presented on our website. Some donations to charity partners can be claimed as tax deductions on your individual tax return each year. It is a responsibility of the charity to keep the record and provide a formal acknowledgment letter for your donations.

What is included in the $5 credit deduction per bag?

We provide free RECAN bags, on-demand pick up service, count your containers and transfer your credit within 24 hours of pick-up. RECAN also recruits and pays the community drivers, provide personal impact report and create on-going partnerships with local depots and cause-worthy projects.

Do RECAN credit have an expiry date?

RECAN credit system do not have an expiry date as long as you continue your membership with RECAN. For more detail, please refer to our T&C.

Can refund be paid in Cash instead of Giftpay?

For security reasons and transaction fees involved which will decrease the amount our customers will receive, we have decided to use Giftpay as it offers a secure and fast refund. We only need an accurate email address from you. This helps to protect your important personal data.

How to RECAN

Bag collections and Service hours

Once you have created a RECAN account, you can check the available bag collection days in your area. Usual pick-up service hours are between 8 am - 4 pm, from Mon - Fri, excluding public holidays. If our pick-up calendar is full, it will show the next available day. If you have any questions, please write to us at hello@recan.co

How many containers does the RECAN bag hold?

One RECAN bag is designed to hold more than 100 glass bottles. As our local depot allow our customers to crush aluminium cans, plastic bottles and poppers. You can actually put a lot more than 100 eligible containers. But Please do not crush your glass bottles for obvious reasons. How to crush? Here is an intersting video from one of our customers (Watch) We have seen more than 300 eligible containers in one RECAN bag! So remember to Empty - Lids off - Crush to maximise your credit and to minimise CO2 during the recycling collection. Lids and Bread tags can also be taken off and put in the RECAN bag. We work with depots that recycle them separately.

Do I need to be home for the pick-up?

Once you have a secured a safe, accessible location to place your bags for our drivers (e.g, next to the wheelie bin), you do not need to be home for the collection. Also, If you have difficulties in finding a secure place to put your bags, then best to book our service when you can hand over the bags to our drivers in person. Unfortunately, RECAN is not responsible for stolen bags.

What areas do you currently service?

Click here to see the areas we service.

I don’t have RECAN bags?

You can use your own bags, given they are durable, waterproof and big enough to contain more than 100 containers (or multiple small bags with 100 eligible containers). Please make sure that your collection ID number (which will be generated when you make the booking) is visibly written on the bag. You can order RECAN bags for next pickup.

What if my bag gets stolen?

Please find a secure place for the bags, if not available, best to book our service when you can hand over the bags to our drivers in person. Unfortunately, RECAN is not responsible for stolen bags.

Are you able to provide services for apartments?

Yes, we just need access to your apartment where you are going to put your bags. Also, please let your body corporate or building manager know for security reasons. It is a great idea for apartments to get involved with RECAN services as a whole as this will significantly reduce their recycling fees. Email us, if you would like us to do this on your behalf.

Are you able to provide services for commercial, offices or schools?

Visit our B2B page, so we can discuss a tailored solution for your recycling efforts. If you have specific enquiries, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on hello@recan.co

What we collect & recycle

Do you only collect cans and bottles?

Yes for now. But we have plans to expand our collection service to non-eligible containers, soft plastics, E-waste, textile, etc. There are various reasons for the gap in the current recycling system and we believe making it easy and convenient is key to the solution. Follow our social media channels and look out for newsletters to be informed of our latest updates.

What are "eligible containers"?

According to the Container Refund Scheme ('Containers for Change' in Queensland), most aluminium, glass, plastic, steel and liquid paperboard beverage containers between 150ml and 3 litres are eligible for a refund. Look out for 10 cent mark and do not remove the label. All containers must be emptied and without caps. Find out more

What about crushed plastic bottles or cans?

Don't worry! we can recycle and get refund for crushed plastic bottles, poppers and cans. But broken glass bottles cannot be accepted.

What containers are NOT allowed in the bag?

No containers for wine, cordial, milk, pure juice. No containers smaller than 150ml or greater than 3 litres. Again look out for the 10 cent mark, if you can't find it, it will most likely be ineligible.

What happens to eligible containers that are not returned to depots?

Currently less than 45% of eligible containers are collected through depots as of July 2020 in Queensland. Yellow bin (kerbside recycling collection) collection is well used among many citizens. But in this case, there are high chance for the contamination (8-13%) during the collection thus resulted in down-graded recycling or export to overseas for further recycling process. Hard to believe it but still a lot of cans and bottles are going to the landfills or littered (beverage containers are the 2nd highest littered item) then take their path to land or ocean contamination.

What happen to the RECAN bags after the collection?

We partner with our depots to ensure all used RECAN bags are recycled separately. You can help by making sure there are no liquid spillage or other contaminations in the bags.

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