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The bigger picture

Envisioning to do more 

Values that launch what we do and re-center who we are


We are a Brisbane-based enviro-tech social enterprise.

We are also professionals from all walks of life, parents of beautiful children growing up fast and a team on a mission.


We believe in giving people, products and communities a second chance at fulfilling their potentials and destinies.

Through RECAN we do this by:

  • Creating jobs, empowering individuals to make meaningful contributions.

  • Recycling and renewing all valuable resources for a more circular economy.

  • Championing local causes by re-channelling funds so we can all be part of a more problem-solving and self-sustaining society.

We want to be an example where principles of resilience, integrity, excellence and unity can thrive in a corporate setting.


The environmental crisis we are confronted with WILL (if not already) impact the very basic fundamentals of our lives and beyond. To tangibly envision a solution near and far, RECAN works with the CAN-DO spirit of change, creativity and faith.

Join forces with us

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So, what's the plan?

Phase one


The RECAN initiative will begin with collection of eligible containers in Brisbane, followed by the surrounding regions including the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. We aim to extend our services to other major cities in Australia in collaboration with local councils and communities.

Phase two


Involves collection of other valuable recyclables that are not being collected in the yellow bins such as soft plastic, batteries, e-waste, textile, non-eligible containers etc.

Phase three


We are envisioning an up-cycling hub where non-eligible containers and other materials can be recreated in collaboration with local makers into sustainable alternative objects.

Future plans


It is in our bigger plan, to reach out to 40+ other countries around the world who operate the same refund scheme to help accelerate a global movement to reduce, reuse, recycle and help revive our beautiful planet for future generations. We are here to make this inevitable mission easier and achievable for everyone. But in the end, we dream of a planet and a lifestyle where RECAN is no longer needed. Then we'll probably move onto the next problem to solve with the same core values!

All of this, can start with you and one container

We made the pledge, so can you.

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