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We appreciate your genuine

interest in RECAN

Before you jump in, have a read through the story Our Story to understand our anticipated steps forward. Of course, what you see is only the tip of the iceberg. We are open to advice, constructive feedback and offers for greater opportunities to grow.


For Investors

RECAN (Trademark) and are wholly owned and operated by Recan Create Pty Ltd. We are an enviro-tech startup in Brisbane, Queensland with an aspiration to transform the way of recycling in every household and business in Australia. We aim to grow quickly, our door-to-door eligible container collection service will be available to cover 75% of households and businesses by Dec 2022 in Australia. If you share our passion in making RECAN sustainable, expandable and impactful, be part of our story.

Write to us at and we’d be happy to explain the business model and impact we are making.

For Media

Are you an influencer, writer and a supporter waiting to find a new initiative that is practical, life-changing, local, solution-focused and just fascinating? Contact us at We have much more to share with you.

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