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At Open Haven we provide women recovering from domestic violence (DV) with everything they need to navigate their way back into the community. We have a huge network of professionals and a supportive liaison team to connect the women with all the services they need to achieve their goals. A priority at Open Haven is to empower women to re-enter the workforce after the trauma and isolation of DV. We employ a specific strategy tailored to each woman’s circumstances. This may include financial assistance for trauma counselling, driving lessons, childcare, petrol and food expenses, public transport, and re-training.

Expected Impact

Empowering a woman to independently provide financially and emotionally for herself is the key to prevent re-entry into controlling DV situations. However, the obstacles to re-enter the workforce are often overwhelming. Empowering a woman to overcome these barriers means a better outcome for her children and an easier transition back into community. This results in many positive direct and indirect benefits for families and communities. We have seen this in more than 200 families since our foundation. Those women who have successfully re-entered the workforce have not been sucked back into the DV cycle and have thrived financially and emotionally.


$2,000 by 2020

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