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Creative Arts Project

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Creative Arts Project

The REKON- Creative Arts Project will provide youth with skill development opportunities in the areas of:

  • Music production and recording

  • Graffiti Art

  • T-Shirt design and Printing.

  • Event planning

Each workshop will be delivered by skilled Arts facilitators.

The project will showcase the art created by the youth through:

  • Recorded songs

  • Music videos

  • Canvas art display

  • Fashion show for T-Shirt designs


The strength of the project will be the capacity of the team of Arts facilitators and volunteers to engage and motivate disadvantaged young people and its ability to provide them with the material and social support needed to actualise ideas and ambitions.

Expected Impact

  • Increase safety in the parks and surrounding streets, and reduce anti social behaviour, violence and crime in the community.

  • Increase cultural awareness and intercultural connection between the young people.

  • Provide opportunities and pathways for ongoing skills development in the creative arts for young people.

  • Establish and build positive rapport with the community

  • Build self esteem and pride among the youth

  • Provide pathways for education, employment for the youth

  • Promote local support services & community programs

  • Promote health & well-being – fitness, nutrition and mental health

  • Connect youth to local support services

  • Break down barriers between youth, families, community and Police


$2,000 by 2020​

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