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Bottles for Brushies

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Bottles for brushes

Until recently, brush-tailed rock-wallabies were thought to be extinct on the Little Liverpool Range, southwest of Ipswich. Hunted for fur, preyed on by feral animals and isolated by landscape fragmentation, these precious wallabies are listed as a threatened species. In 2016, conservation organisation, Queensland Trust for Nature (QTFN), discovered three colonies living in steep mountainous terrain on the Range, and two more colonies in 2019.

Although thrilled to confirm wallaby populations living on their 2000 hectare nature reserve, Aroona, QTFN was devastated to see their homes invaded by weeds like Lantana camara, to such an extent that wallaby movement and access to cliffs was hindered. Worse still, these weeds out-compete native herbs and grasses that wallabies feed on and hamper migration to find seasonal food sources and a mate to reproduce.

This is where you come in. We need the support of the community. And we need the support of caring people like you. QTFN is seeking donations to create forever homes for this elusive and adorable species to survive and thrive in South East Queensland.

Expected Impact

Your support for Bottles for Brushies will make a big difference to the lives of these cute and fluffy marsupials at Aroona. 

Loss of already fragmented habitat through weed infestation (mainly lantana) is one of the biggest risk factors facing the threatened brush-tailed rock-wallaby. Lantana can severely damage an ecosystem, excluding nearly all other vegetation, and preventing access to food and safe homes.


$5000 by 2020

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