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Now you can take advantage of the Containers for Change scheme from the comfort of your home. Recycling made easy and rewarding for all.

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Collect at least 100 empty eligible containers with 10c refund mark in the RECAN bags provided.

Don’t have a RECAN bag? Use your own bag and we provide a RECAN bag upon collection.


Schedule a pick up date and we will come and collect your bags. Check our service area

Get paid

Receive credit in your account, donate to a local cause or claim your funds

Too easy!

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.

- Robert Swan OBE

Let US help YOU help the PLANET

We all want to do the right thing when it comes to recycling. RECAN is here to make it easier, more accessible and cause-specific. No longer will time-constraints, mobility issues and lack of knowledge be an excuse. Now you have the power to customize the way you recycle.

It's hassle-free

Don’t carry your containers, drive to the depot and wait in line any more. Our drivers will come to you and collect your RECAN bags to drop off on your behalf.

Your money back

Your RECAN bags will be counted as set credit value per bag to provide a fast reward and simplify the operation process. Credits will be deposited into your RECAN member account within 24 hours after the pick-up. Refer to our FAQ for details.

Meaningful contribution

What was once regarded as waste will now be our new currency for life-changing impact. With your accumulated refund, select causes that echoes your passion here

Need to fundraise a project? Give us a shout

Recycling done right

Every single container makes a difference in shifting our community towards a circular economy. Of course, we need to reduce and reuse first before recycling takes place. We collaborate with existing depots to ensure proper processing is carried out locally.

But there is more. Bigger picture?

Get on board and do your part

Do more with RECAN

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Charities, Schools, Clubs & Communities


Empowering causes with your containers

Thank you for considering and choosing to give. Projects supported through RECAN are local, have tangible results, are time-specific and will create a positive change in our community. We are not only recycling, but reviving.

Here are some of our projects. Reach out to us if you have a cause to share.

Building forever homes for brush-tailed rock-wallabies in Southeast Queensland

Funds Target



Enables kids living in remote communities to access ongoing therapy and support

Funds Target



Creative Arts Project will provide youth with skill development opportunities delivered by Arts facilitators.

Funds Target



Empowering women recovering from domestic violence (DV), providing professional and practical support to re-enter the workforce after the trauma and isolation.

Funds Target



Making recycling more explicit and convenient for the school community to encourage and educate a lifestyle of sustainability.

Funds Target



Every baby deserves an equal start! Help break the cycle of poverty for mothers and their children. With one of the coldest winter approaching + post-COVID19, more babies are in need of safe, warm places to sleep.

Funds Target